Youth mental health.

One in five people are affected by mental illnesses and only 50% receive treatment. We are changing that - and it starts with you!

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🤸 Better mental wellbeing today

It's normal to feel sad or worried sometimes, especially when life gets tough. Sometimes, you might need some extra help to feel better again. If you're struggling with your mind, support is available. There are a range of services and organisations that can help.

🖐️ Free mental health services at your fingertips

Get access to a range of free mental health support services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services can provide treatment, information, tools and advice on how to deal with a range of mental health issues.

⏩ Faster workflow for mental health professionals

Dashboard feature for mental health professionals. Less paper work, more time to help young people in need. HandUp helps you triage cases. Get enquiries analytic reports to make data informed decisions for your organisation.

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